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Brand New Product HSM14F - Sakae Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd. -
Sakae was inaugurated in 1946 and founded as a limited liability company in 1950.
We are a Japanese pioneer company of developing and manufacturing Precision Potentiometers.
We expand the development, manufacture and sale of Joystick Controllers, Foot Controllers and Servo Components in addition to Precision Potentiometers and Turns-Counting Dials.
We are always mindful of industry trends in electronic components as being "small in size, light in weight, high performance and high reliability".
All of our products protects by over 230 domestic and international patents.
In August of 1994, we were certified and approved to ISO 9001 standard by the Reliability Center for Electronic Components of Japan under their registration number RCJ-94M-28 for Precision Potentiometers.
(Since April 1st in 2013, operation of RCJ has been transferred to JQA (General Incorporated Foundation / Japan Quality Assurance Organization) : Certificate number IECQ-P-JQAJP 13.0004)
We were the first company in Japan to be certified in this field, and we maintain our compliance with an annual certification approval.
International Sales Network
Thanks to the worldwide approval and recognition of our product's superior quality, our international sales, in particular, to European and North American countries, go on increasing year after year.
Our quality products are accepted as international quality products.
Sales Network
 1-turn potentiometers
Contact type
Contactless type
Oil-Filled type
Non-Linear type
 Multi-turn potentiometers
Contact type
Contactless type
Oil-Filled type
 Linear-motion pot.
Contact type
Contactless type
Oil-Filled type
Resistive Element Sub-Assembly
 Seesaw-motion pot.
 Turns-counting Dial
 Motor potentiometers
 Joystick controllers
 Foot controllers
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